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Competitor Handbook

New Era Gymnastics Competitor Handbook

2020 - 2021


Girl’s Team Coaches

Natasha Castro

Angela Maggiore

Byron Knox


850 Sherman Ave.

Hamden, CT 06514

Phone: (203) 281-1826




A New Era Gymnastics Parent

To be a New Era Gymnastics parent is an accomplishment of which to be proud.  New Era Gymnastics is recognized as one of the better teams in the state with gymnasts who have competed at the regional and national levels.  New Era gymnasts, parents, and coaches are respected for their conduct, presentation and character.

In this program, we are trying to develop pride in one’s self and one’s accomplishments whether competing at the national level or just accomplishing a long sought after skill. These children may not develop into the next Simone Biles or Sam Mikulak, but they will hopefully learn other life skills. These include the love of physical activity and fitness, dedication to a goal, organization of time and the development of values such as perseverance, self respect, respect for others, good sportsmanship, and problem solving techniques.


Competitive Philosophy

At New Era Gymnastics we believe that all gymnasts should be successful at all levels.  The decision to compete at a level or in a competition is at the sole discretion of the coaching staff.  Please keep in mind that we have your child’s best interests in mind when making these decisions.  The ultimate goal is for the gymnast to achieve success at whichever level they compete.



All problems about any situation should be brought to the coaches attention as soon as possible.  If a meeting is deemed necessary with other coaches it will be scheduled. Parents can call or email ( ) us anytime and we will get back to them as soon as we are able.  We know that you receive many emails, but please pay attention to all of ours because there is often material that requires action by a certain deadline.   

Gymnastics Out of the Gym

Your child is not allowed to take part in any gymnastics activities outside of the gym without prior permission from the Head Coach.

           Your child is NOT ALLOWED to go to any gymnastics camps for a variety of reasons that we would be happy to go over with you, unless it is allowed by the Head Coach.          


Parents at Competitions

Please have your child at the meet site no later than 15 minutes before the posted time for stretch.  Do not attempt to communicate with your child during the competition. Often, you can unintentionally draw attention to things the gymnast should not be thinking of, and the results can be disastrous.  Under NO circumstances shall you loudly disapprove or approve of a score or attempt to communicate with any of the judges or scoring table.  Talking with any meet official or entering the competitive area is against the rules of USA Gymnastics. If there is a problem please grab the nearest coach.  Sit back and try to enjoy the competition. Let the coaches do their job.  Please remember that competitions are supposed to be FUN for your child!  Parents are strongly encouraged to support New Era by wearing the Parent T-shirts sold at the front desk.



All gymnasts should have a drink with them that must be kept in their Team bag.  Those of you who do not have a bag yet will receive one soon. The cost is approximately $45.  Nutritionists from USA Gymnastics have recommended a watered down sports drink as the preferred beverage.  It should be watered down because the sugar content is too high in most sport drinks. It is against USA Gymnastics rules to eat anything on the competitive floor, although some gymnasts do need nourishment to keep their energy level up. We will not hesitate to bring a gymnast over to get something to eat if we feel the need, however random eating during a competition (which is usually the result of nervousness) is not allowed because it will usually do more harm than good.  If any gymnast feels they need to eat something, they should let us know right away.

No electronic equipment (cell phones, ipods, etc.) are allowed to be used by gymnasts at competitions unless Thomas or Alex have instructed them differently.

Meet fees (your child’s entry fee to a competition) will be put on your bill at the time your child is entered into a competition.  There will be a surcharge placed on the entry fee for local meets to offset coaching expenses. On average there are 5 – 7 meets a year with entry fees from $60 - $140. We must be told ASAP if your child is unable to compete, as you will receive the competition schedule way in advance.  There may not be any refunds once a gymnast is entered into a meet.  Many of these meet fees will appear on your account in the fall. If we do not enter competitions early, we will be closed out.  Please plan your finances accordingly.

All female competitive gymnasts must buy a competition leotard.  Cost is between $100 (for entry level team girls) and $185.When your child grows out of her leotard, it is possible that you may be allowed to trade it in for a credit that will be given when the leotard is sold.  All new leotards in stock will be sold before a used one would be offered for sale.

USAG registration must be done through the email sent to you by USA Gymnastics.  If you did not receive one after we said it was sent, please call 1-800-345-4719. This entitles your gymnast to compete, gives them a subscription to USA Gymnastics magazine, gives your gymnast secondary accident insurance up to $50,000, and entitles you to 10% off apparel through USA Gymnastics.

All competitors must have a warm-up top and leggings.  You will receive a warm-up top at the beginning of the competitive season which you will rent for $10 . Please take care of your warm-up suit.  It must be returned at the end of the season or you will be charged $150 so New Era can replace it.  You will also be purchasing leggings - approx. cost $65.



We found that it is best if you do not stay to watch your child’s workout, although we do recommend watching once per month to check on their progress.  If you do stay, contact with your child or any other gymnasts are not allowed.  This takes time away from the workout and is a potentially dangerous distraction.

Every child must have a gym bag (which should be different from the meet bag) at workout.   The gym bag should contain a roll of tape, grips if they have been given grips, extra elastics for their hair and anything else that they desire to have with them at workout.  

Once gymnasts enter the gym area, they should not exit the gym area unless they have asked to go to the bathroom.  We have a water fountain in the gym so bringing drinks is not necessary.

Gymnasts are not allowed to use phones during workout for any reason!  Gymnasts are not allowed to chew gum in the gym.



Over the last few years, the bringing of sugary treats on someone’s birthday has become common.   ONLY FRUIT TREATS (actual fruit) or non-sugary treats WILL BE ALLOWED.



XCEL gymnasts and female gymnasts who are Level 6 or higher may need choreographed floor and beam routines which will usually last for two or three years.  The charge for choreography can be $50 - $350.  The person that the staff of New Era selects for the choreography will determine the cost based upon how many extra hours are put in the developing and teaching the routine if it is a New Era Coach.  You will be charged by New Era for the choreography. If it is determined that an outside choreographer is needed, the cost can be from $250 - $750. New Era Gymnastics, Inc. will purchase the music and own the rights to the routine.  Sometimes gymnasts may receive old routines at a minimal or no cost.



A new completed registration form, must be filled out annually, which is available on the team schedule page.  



Full tuition must still be paid if you go on vacation, if you are sick, or if you are injured for any length of time.  Even if you are away for the whole summer, you are still responsible for monthly payments in the summer in order to keep your spot on the team.  Please schedule vacations with competition and workout schedules in mind.  We will close the week of July 4th and the last week of August leading into Labor Day.  Keep in mind that during the summer, your gymnast may train more hours per week at no additional charge.


Cancelled Practices

If we need to cancel a practice because of weather, a message will be put on the website and an email will be sent to you.  If a practice is cancelled for any other reason, you will be notified by email or in writing.

Workouts may be cancelled due to competitions or clinics.  This is allowed for in the yearly tuition.



If a child is not feeling well or they have a minor injury, please notify the coaches and a modified workout can be arranged.  It is important for all injuries to be reported to



A certain amount of time in the gym is essential if high-level goals are to be reached and just for safety in the current level.  We have designed workouts to give each gymnast the amount of time necessary to succeed at their level. Each practice is important.  Please arrive on time, as it will directly benefit your child to do so. The first 30 minutes of workout contain conditioning and stretching which if not done consistently, will cause your child to fall behind, and can increase the chance of injury.  It is very important that all gymnasts stay for the full workout in order to finish their last event and cool down properly. We disapprove of any gymnast consistently missing any part of these highly structured and pre-planned workouts. In the event that a gymnast must miss a workout, must be notified in advance by email and please state the reason for the absence.  Excessive absences are cause for dismissal from the team.


Missed Practices

There are no make-ups for missed practices.  If you know you are missing a workout ahead of time, please tell Thomas or Alex as soon as possible.  At their discretion, they may request an alternate practice time for your gymnast to attend if the absence occurs during the competitive season.

*Remember you are paying for your space on the team, not the amount of times you attend*.


Social Media

New Era staff members are not allowed to be friends or followers of gymnasts.  Pictures and/or video of your gymnast may be posted online at New Era websites and social media sites.  If you object to that, please let us know and your gymnast will be excluded from any online postings.


Spirit Wear

All competitive gymnasts should have the black (girls) and grey (boys) shirts.  The will be asked to wear them from time to time while traveling to competitions or attending meets as a spectator.  Each year there may be new spirit wear available.


Information Sources

USA Gymnastics website:

USA Gymnastics website for PARENTS:

Region VI website:

CT Gymnastics website:

New Era Gymnastics website:

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