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Our Staff 

Thomas Alberti: Mr. Tom is the Girls Team Advisor, office manager, maintenance director, owner and an email comedian.  He is a graduate of the Bronx High School of Science and has a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts.  He was a gymnast since the age of 7 and has been coaching since 1982.  He has coached dozens of Regional and State Champions.  Mr. Tom was also on the CT State Committee of gymnastics since 2001 and received the State Service Award in 2013 & 2017, at which time he resigned his position to focus on business endeavors.

Luciana Alberti:  Miss Luciana is a former Junior National Team Member from Brazil where she received a B.S. in Physical Education.  She was also a National ranking judge in Brazil.  She then became one of the National Team Coaches in Brazil and worked with special needs children in sports.  She came to the United States in 1993, to New Era in 2002, and married Mr. Tom in 2004. Luciana has 3 children.  She is currently the Pre-School  and the Pre-Team Director at New Era. 


Chris Caso:  Chris studied Physical Education at CCSU and is currently studying Business Administration at NVCC.  Chris was a gymnast for 20 years, 2 of them as an elite gymnast, and qualified for the National Championships 4 times.  Chris has been coaching and teaching for 9 years.  Chris has had a Future Stars qualifier three times and has coached a number of National qualifiers.

Natasha Kovach:  Tasha competed gymnastics for Hamden High School and Rhode Island College, where she studied Elementary Education.  Tasha has been coaching competitive gymnastics since 1999.  Tasha is also a mom of two boys and has been coaching for New Era since 2017.

Melanie Coleman:  Melanie was a student at SCSU, majoring in nursing, and is on the gymnastics team.  Melanie has assisted special needs children in gymnastics classes and teaches preschool and afterschool aged classes.  Melanie also taught birthday parties, camp, and finished her Jr. Olympic career as a level 10 gymnast. 

Melanie Coleman 6/2/99 - 11/10/2019      New Era Gymnast 1999-2017

May Melanie's spirit live on through all of our gymnasts

Fran DelVecchio:  Fran was a competitive gymnast in Massachusetts.  Fran has been teaching children in gymnastics since 1992.  Fran was the Class Director at Arena Gymnastics and owns her own mobile gymnastics program.  Fran moved with her husband to Hamden in 2016 and has been working for New Era ever since.

Meagan Dooley:  Meagan is a former New Era Gymnast who is now a certified teacher with a degree  in Elementary Education.  Meagan teaches at New Era while she is on break, teaching classes, parties, and camp.  Meagan has been with New Era since 2005.

Alex Flores:  Alex is the Boys' Team Head Coach, the Boys' Class Director, and a tumbling instructor.  Alex studied computer science at SCSU where he also competed gymnastics under Hall of Fame coach Abie Grossfeld.  Alex comes from a gymnastics family.  He was brought up in gymnastics along with his brother by his father who owned a gym in Brooklyn.  Alex has been at New Era since 2004.

Jessica Giacone:    Jessica has cheered and tumbled competitively since she was 5 years old. She has been on Quinnipiac’s Cheerleading team since 2016.  She is a Math major with Secondary Education at Quinnipiac University.  Jessica is from Long Island, and has been teaching at New Era since 2017.

Lily Homann: Lily has been a New Era gymnast since diaper days.  Lily is a senior in High School and has had many gymnastics achievements over the years.  Lily has been teaching classes and parties at New Era since 2016.

Bob King: Bob is a former High School gymnast who has taught boys classes for New Era for many years.  Both of Bob's sons also taught gymnastics part-time.  Bob now can be found fixing, designing, and installing new equipment.

Lilly Knaggs:  Lily has been a New Era gymnast since diaper days.  Lily is a senior in High School and has had many gymnastics achievements over the years.  Lily has been teaching classes and parties at New Era since 2016.

Angela Maggiore:  Angela has been teaching and coaching at New Era since 2015.  Angela was a Level 8 gymnast in CT and has been coaching since 2007.  Angela has a B.S. from the University of Connecticut with a major in English and a minor in psychology and women’s studies.

Gymnasts Practicing

Alexis Sangiovani: Alexis was a New Era gymnast and a captain of the Hamden High School gymnastics team.  She is now in college and teaches classes and parties.

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