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Girls 5+ (Kindergarten+) Classes 

850 Sherman Ave. 


SPRING Registration starts 2/14/2022



Ages 5 and Up - In Kindergarten or going into Kindergarten if registering for the Fall Semester

Fall Semester: 9/7/2021 - 12/4/2021 (12 classes)

Winter Semester: 12/6/21 - 3/19/22 (12 classes)

Spring Semester: 3/21/22 - 6/18/22 (12 classes)


5  - 14 years old


Prices below for each type of class 

Fees will be pro-rated from time of registration!


20% off 2nd child

25% off 3rd child

*family discounts are now only applicable only in girls/preschool gymnastics gym.

20%/25% off 2nd/3rd class per week

- except summer semester


Rollers & Handstanders (Beginner 1 & 2) $354 per 12 class semester

Rollers is an introductory beginner class.  The class consists of a 10 minute warm-up followed by four 10-minute rotations of Bars, Beam, Vault and Floor Exercise. Gymnasts will do a little conditioning game to finish the class.  The curriculum has been designed to engage the gymnasts in a wide variety of skills while still having time for review and extra fun stuff.

Handstanders are a little stronger and have some experience with the basics.  We strive for better gymnastics positions and more flexibility in this class. The handstand is the most important skill in all of gymnastics and therefore more time will be spent on doing handstands on all of the events.

Cartwheelers and Backbenders (Advanced Beginner 1 & 2) $396 per 12 class semester

Cartwheelers should be learning handstand forward rolls and cartwheels with straight legs that kick directly overhead.  This ability will enable them to greatly expand their skill base on all events.  They will start using the higher beams and be able to pull over without assistance.

Backbenders focus on backbends and limbers, as well as round offs and an assortment of other tumbling and dance skills.  On Beam, we teach a larger variety of jumps and leaps as well as handstands and dismounts.  On bars, they will begin swinging and doing hip circles. On Vault they will learn proper runs and strong rebounds from the springboards.

Walkovers (Intermediate) $426 per 12 class semester

Both front and back walkovers as well as improvement on round offs are the focus at this level.  Handsprings are also introduced.  Cast shot throughs, stride circles and sole circles will hopefully be acquired on bars.  Beam will have a lot of handstands, jumps, leaps, and 1/2 turns. Vault will consist on improving runs, board punches, and dive rolls to a raised surface.

Handspringers (Advanced Intermediate) $498 per 12 class semester

This is the top level class in our Girls' Program.  Many of these girls are ready for two times per week, and it is recommended in order to increase the strength they need to further expand their skill base.  Gymnastics really gets fun at this level due to the large number of skills learned and the speed of improvement.  Flipping is worked in many areas.  The next step is our Team Program.


We will offer a FULL REFUND to all new students if they wish to withdraw within one day after their 2nd class! 

Once you click register and fill out the form, your card will be charged within 48 hours - you DO NOT have to pay online.  Your credit card will be charged within 48 hours of registering. If the class is full, please click the waitlist button you will be notified if a spot becomes available - YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED. 

Winter registration is now closed to new gymnasts.
SPRING Registration begins here on 2/14.

If the chart below says Waitlist, please register, you will NOT be charged and you WILL be notified if an opening becomes available.
ages 5 - 12

Rather not be in a group class at this time ?
Sign up for a private lesson on Sundays in the Fall.
50 minutes - $60
There may be other private lessons in the gym at the same time.
There will be an additional $30 charge for comparably aged sibling
Please email to add a sibling.
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